Community can change the world for the better

You can also contribute – join the joint creation with works and ideas

The Kalnuotė community brings together people of various ages, beliefs, and professions – doctors, educators, scientists, lawyers, farmers, civil servants, artists, and their families. The initiator of the community is N.G. Wolmer. We are located about 30 km from Vilnius, in Kalnuotė.

Here we have about 20 hectares of land. Currently, one family?? lives permanently in Kalnuotė, and the construction of 6 houses has been started. Community members from all over Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, and other Lithuanian cities – regularly come to Kalnuotė to socialize, work together, celebrate, and spend their free time. We have like-minded people not only in Lithuania but also abroad (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and other countries).

In the community, it has become a tradition to have joint celebrations (Midsummer, All Saints’ Day, Equinoxes), children’s and guardian camps, seminars, sauna gatherings, breathing practices, yoga, meditation, nature preservation, environmental clean-up campaigns, park development, and participation in ecological projects.

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The principles of the Kalnuote community: to live healthily, morally, spiritually.

  • Members of the community do not consume alcohol or drugs.
  • We try to eat healthy, vegetarian, do not kill animals.
  • We do sports, practice yoga, meditation, tai chi, various breathing practices.
  • We live by protecting the earth, the environment, and each other.
  • Our goal and dream, which we strive to realize together with friends and like-minded people, is to live decently, healthily, in nature, among sincere, responsive companions, in a harmonious ecological home.
  • Beautify nature, create parks; to create, work, celebrate and raise children in a harmonious community, where everyone would find activities close to him: some crafts, some organic gardening, some arts or wellness.
  • We want peace for ourselves and our children, for the whole world, we love the earth, life, we value freedom and tolerance, diversity, we have many creative ideas.
  • If you want, you can also contribute – with ideas, feedback, joint activities.

Harmonious changes can only be born through free will

The goal of our community is to bring together people who strive to live a healthy, harmonious life, and to help them create an environment where we can all enjoy a safe and spiritual neighborhood and beautiful nature. We want our children or grandchildren to grow up without hearing curses or experiencing aggression,” says the initiator of the Kalnuote community, astrologer N. Gabija Wolmer.

Interview with N. Gabija Wolmer, the founder of the Kalnuote community
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