Conscious love and partnership. Led by Lina Rudaitienė

Love, its cognition, the perception of relation with love, the changing.
Partnership, reconcilement, deeper, wider perception of partnership, changing. Male and Female energy, their differences, the union of opposites, reciprocity.
Love and partnership, responsibilities, obligations, the conception of general goals and General way of life. How partnership changes during the time, when our needs, interests and values change? The creation of succesfull conscious relations.

Lina Rudaitienė 2021Lina Rudaitienė, N. Gabija Wolmer student, studied the practicies of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai Academy Feng Shui, Base Feng Shui courses. She was ordained by Kirti Tsenshab Rimpoche into Kalachakra related to time cycles. Rebirhing studied the practicies One Sky International and Life Skill and Healing Arts Institute led by Dan Brule. Studied Tibetan Yoga, Guru Yoga, Mahamudra Practice, Dream Yoga by Lama Khenchen Konchog Rinpoche, Lama Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, Lama Drupon Kunsang Rinpoche. She has 30 years of experience in Yoga, conscious breathing. Since 2005 breathing, self-knowledge workshops.