Living astrology – self perception with a help of astrology. Led by Daiva Kristina Markauskienė.

The basics of Astrology, that help to percieve yourself and the world, to recognize weak and strong qualities, risky and auspicious spheres, direction of evolutional development. This knowledge will help to find the answers to the questions, how to harmonize complex situations of life, also optimally realize own abilities and talents, considering own nature and psychological type. What is your mission in this life? How to communicate with differnt types of people? One of the parts of the course – astrodrama – helps to feel the models of behaviour and reaction, intuitively discover the solutions for the problems. Meditations of The Directions of The World and Totem helps to find a link with own spiritual power.


Daiva K. MarkauskienėDaiva Kristina Markauskienė, N. Gabija Wolmer student, studied the practicies of protective meditation and energetics led by J. Reinolds, also arranged his seminars. She was ordained by Kirti Tsenshab Rimpoche into Kalachakra related to time cycles.

She has 22 years of experience in astrology practice: from 1996 personal astrological consultations. From 2008 – authorial courses of Living astrology, which has over 100 graduates.