Sacred geometry. Led by N. Gabija Wolmer

Sacred geometry for self development, spiritual cleansing, inner transformation. During this course, by the means of meditation, breathing, colours and forms we experience a relation of sacred geometry with human emotions, karmic and spiritual patterns, and we apply perfect forms of sacred geometry and colours for inner transformation, creation of oneself in a new quality employing perfect forms of sacred geometry, breathing, colour, meditation.


N. Gabija WolmerN. Gabija Wolmer has chosen a spiritual path since 1986 when she got acquainted with Buddhist world. Later she studied at an institute of Buddhist studies, got initiations for certain practices from famous Buddhist Teachers. From 1993, she has been organising different seminars and camps on spiritual development, publishing an astrological calendar. She is a founder and head of Kalnuotė community, association Gyvoji planeta (Planet alive), club Trys brangenybės (Three Jewels), spiritual development centre Udumbara.

She learned conscious breathing, meditation from Namkhai Norbu, Leonard Orr, Dan Brule, Tom de Winter, Ronald Holt. In Lithuania, she has organised an intense course for rebirthers according to international standards and has prepared a group of people who can teach everyone simple, safe and effective breathing techniques. Throughout many years of practice, she herself has created many methods of breathing, meditation and self regulation.