Community can change the world for the better

You can also contribute – join the joint creation with works and ideas


The Kalnuote eco community connects people who value spirituality, ecology, a healthy and virtuous lifestyle. The community was formed from N.G. The experiences of Wolmer students participating in various activities together, sharing information: it naturally grew out of the Three Jewels club.

Here we gather, communicate, dream, work together, rest and celebrate, create a park, build residential houses. We want peace for ourselves and our children, for the whole world, we love the earth, life, we value freedom and tolerance, diversity, we have many creative ideas. We live by protecting the earth, the environment, and each other.

You are welcome in Kalnuote

Communities are a very important form of human coexistence.

  • International focus – our guests come from all over the world
  • On-site and remote courses – we encourage learning and development
  • Benefiting People – Education is a right, not a privilege

If you want to learn at your own time and speed, one of our e- training packages can easily reach you.


Our goal and dream, which we strive to realize together with friends and like-minded people, is to live decently, healthily, in nature, among sincere, responsive companions, in a harmonious ecological home.
We seek peace for ourselves and our children, for the whole world. We love the Earth, cherish life, value freedom and tolerance, embrace diversity, and have many creative ideas.
Beautify nature, create parks; to create, work, celebrate and raise children in a harmonious community, where everyone would find activities close to him: some crafts, some organic gardening, some arts or wellness.
We will live by protecting the earth, the environment, and each other.
The principles of the Kalnuote community: to live healthily, morally, spiritually.




Kalnuote community life

from an ecological lifestyle, creativity development, conscious breathing to various spiritual teachings.