The Kalnuote eco community connects people who value spirituality, ecology, a healthy and virtuous lifestyle. The community was formed from N.G. Wolmer’s students, participating in various activities together, sharing information and experiences: it naturally grew out of the “Three Jewels” club. Registered in 2013.

We bought land in the hill – about 20 hectares. Here we gather, communicate, dream, work together, rest and celebrate, we build a park, we started building residential houses.
We do not limit ourselves to beautifying and nurturing our environment – we care about ecology, peace on Earth, after all, the future of all of us depends on it. Many members participate in ecological projects, peace meditations, social actions – these activities are connected with the beautification of Kalnuote, I aim to realize human values here.

If it is close to you, dear, valuable, you can also contribute – join the joint creation with works and ideas. You are welcome in Kalnuotėje.