We call ourselves a spiritual community because we are created by having the dream of practicing together. We also promote a healthy conscious lifestyle: we don’t drink alcohol, and we don’t smoke, and we practice various exercises, like Yoga, TaiChi, and promote healthy Food.

The community is located in the district of Vilnius, in a beautiful place, with its own forest, ponds, tidy and carefully maintained environment.

We have possibility to organize course for people, who are interested in living in the community, community activities, or just want to learn more about our community.

Maybe you think about Erasmus+ K1 application to go to course and want to come to us into Kalnuote community?

Those projects give finance for mobilities: travel, accommodation, catering and +mobilities organizations costs (for travel, if it more costs, for language training – course will be in English and so).

To inquire about the course and to register, please contact us by e-mail: loretavaluckiene@gmail.com or phone + 37068274999.

Loreta Valuckienė