1. Techniques of conscious breathing and self regulation: conscious even connected breathing, ninefold breathing, elevation of consciousness, chakra breathing. Feeling energies, to centre, cleanse, recover, develop one’s aura. Led by Nijolė Gabija Wolmer

These are very safe, fundamental breathing techniques that help to recover, calm emotions and mind quickly. They strengthen aura, chakras, harmonise physical, emotional and mental bodies. Moreover, with they help you can purify karma, return to the moment of birth, your previous incarnations, as well as harmonise your relationships with people who are close to you, strengthen your connection with spiritual world. When you learn these practices, you will be able to practice them by yourself. 

  1. Principles of quantum physics for health, success, development of skills, transformation of reality. Led by Nijolė Gabija Wolmer

These are astoundingly effective practices that comprise newest discoveries in quantum physics and spiritual development needs. They can be applied in any sphere of your life and bring unbelievable, creative changes, effectively solve problems and improve any field of your life. These practises help you connect with a spiritual principle of creation and are very related with gratitude and creativity. They are very good after deep emotional and physical traumas, losses or situations where we cannot reach a result for a long time.

  1. Sacred geometry. Led by Nijolė Gabija Wolmer

Sacred geometry for self development, spiritual cleansing, inner transformation. During this course, by the means of meditation, breathing, colours and forms we experience a relation of sacred geometry with human emotions, karmic and spiritual patterns, and we apply perfect forms of sacred geometry and colours for inner transformation, creation of oneself in a new quality employing perfect forms of sacred geometry, breathing, colour, meditation.

Nijolė Gabija Wolmer has chosen a spiritual path since 1986 when she got acquainted with Buddhist world. Later she studied at an institute of Buddhist studies, got initiations for certain practices from famous Buddhist Teachers. From 1993, she has been organising different seminars and camps on spiritual development, publishing an astrological calendar. She is a founder and head of Kalnuotė community, association Gyvoji planeta (Planet alive), club Trys brangenybės (Three Jewels), spiritual development centre Udumbara.

She learned conscious breathing, meditation from Namkhai Norbu, Leonard Orr, Dan Brule, Tom de Winter, Ronald Holt. In Lithuania, she has organised an intense course for rebirthers according to international standards and has prepared a group of people who can teach everyone simple, safe and effective breathing techniques. Throughout many years of practice, she herself has created many methods of breathing, meditation and self regulation.

  1. Watsu. Led by Raimundas Kareckas

These are practices of breathing and relaxation in water which bring back peace, help you relax, overcome fears, to experience the moment of birth anew.

  1. Conscious dreaming. Led by Raimundas Kareckas

These are practices that help realise oneself in a dream and affect the dream in a desired direction simultaneously changing your life for the better. It is method of creation and self development in a dream.

Raimundas Kareckas. He had an experience of hyperactive breathing already as a child and started serious studies of breathing in 1979-1982 when he got acquainted with different breathing techniques with his main teacher, his father. In 1991 he had an experience of hyperactive breathing and afterwards he was learning it from one of S. Grof’s students. Later, encouraged by N. G. Wolmer, he was learning conscious connected even breathing from Leonard Orr, the founder of this technique.

Since 2010 got into Watsu. Constantly practising and exploring various breathing techniques, in more than 26 years Raimundas has created many techniques, methods and practices of his own.

“I was and still am always interested in different kinds of breathing, techniques, traditions, schools, authors, but I think that the most important technique is the one that best suits needs of a person’s soul and his spiritual evolution…”

  1. Living astrology – self perception with a help of astrology. Led by Daiva Kristina Markauskienė.

The basics of Astrology, that help to percieve yourself and the world, to recognize weak and strong qualities, risky and auspicious spheres, direction of evolutional development. This knowledge will help to find the answers to the questions, how to harmonize complex situations of life, also optimally realize own abilities and talents, considering own nature and psychological type. What is your mission in this life? How to communicate with differnt types of people? One of the parts of the course – astrodrama – helps to feel the models of behaviour and reaction, intuitively discover the solutions for the problems. Meditations of The Directions of The World and Totem helps to find a link with own spiritual power.

Daiva Kristina Markauskienė, N. Gabija Wolmer student, studied the practicies of protective meditation and energetics led by J. Reinolds, also arranged his seminars. She was ordained by Kirti Tsenshab Rimpoche into Kalachakra related to time cycles.

She has 22 years of experience in astrology practice: from 1996 personal astrological consultations. From 2008 – authorial courses of Living astrology, which has over 100 graduates.

  1. Rebirhing – conscious breathing. Led by Lina Rudaitienė

Rebirthing technique training. The transformation of negative thoughts, feelings, experiences to positive, learning how to focus the consideration during the breathing. The stimulation of cardinal, long-term inner changes, self cognition, the search for the essential needs of spirit, the search of values and adaptation in everyday life. The training to percieve and control the inner processes, to understand them correctly, to reach for more conscious life, the cognition of own spiritual nature, realization.

  1. Conscious love and partnership. Led by Lina Rudaitienė

Love, its cognition, the perception of relation with love, the changing.
Partnership, reconcilement, deeper, wider perception of partnership, changing. Male and Female energy, their differences, the union of opposites, reciprocity.
Love and partnership, responsibilities, obligations, the conception of general goals and General way of life. How partnership changes during the time, when our needs, interests and values change? The creation of succesfull conscious relations.

Lina Rudaitienė, N. Gabija Wolmer student, studied the practicies of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai Academy Feng Shui, Base Feng Shui courses. She was ordained by Kirti Tsenshab Rimpoche into Kalachakra related to time cycles. Rebirhing studied the practicies One Sky International and Life Skill and Healing Arts Institute led by Dan Brule. Studied Tibetan Yoga, Guru Yoga, Mahamudra Practice, Dream Yoga by Lama Khenchen Konchog Rinpoche, Lama Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, Lama Drupon Kunsang Rinpoche. She has 28 years of experience in Yoga, conscious breathing. Since 2005 breathing, self-knowledge workshops.