We invite you to join the Association of Eco-communities, which unites eco-communities, family homesteads, farms and other legal and natural persons who:

  • They live harmoniously with nature, protect it, take care of it, nurture it, make it beautiful, treat the planet Earth as a living organism, protect its resources.
  • Produces, grows, creates clean, natural and healthy products. They are independent, conscious, honest and responsible.
  • He speaks out against any exploitation and killing of animals, confirms this in his lifestyle, follows the principles of a vegetarian diet.
  • They try to live in accordance with human virtues and values:

Acts based on the principles of honesty, justice, social responsibility, strives for fair, adequate exchanges with the environment.

Strives for awareness, sobriety and supports it, does not depend on intoxicants, drugs (alcohol, drugs, smoking).

Strives for harmony, not harming the environment, oneself and other living beings either with thoughts, words or deeds.

Takes responsibility for his thoughts, words, actions, deeds and the consequences of his deeds.

He works for the good of himself, his family and society.

Respects one’s own and others’ beliefs, freedom, norms of ethical behavior and laws accepted in society.

With every deed, thought, and feeling, he strives for the greatest possible benefit to the greatest possible totality and the least possible harm to the smallest possible totality, he tries with all his might to cause as little pain to living beings as possible (he adheres to the principle of not inflicting pain).

The association was founded in 2016. December.

Do you want to learn more, get involved, do you have ideas, questions, suggestions? Write to info@kalnuotėsbendroomene.lt.

More: http://ekobendruomeniuasociacija.lt/