Experience week in Kalnuotė community is an introduction to the Kalnuotė community for those who are interested in living in the community, community activities, or just want to learn more about our community.

We call ourselves a spiritual community because we are created by having the dream of practicing together. We also promote a healthy conscious lifestyle: we don’t drink alcohol, and we don’t smoke, and we practice various exercises, like Yoga, TaiChi, and promote healthy Food.

The community is located in the district of Vilnius, in a beautiful place, with its own forest, prunes, tidy and carefully maintained environment.

The course program is designed so that everyone can get to know, to experience, and to learn what we live for ourselves to later use the knowledge’s in a daily life. We will introduce you to conscious breathing, astrology, mineralogy, sacred geometry, productions of distillates, preparation of international and national projects. And we will invite you to a healthy sauna, to film and dance evenings. We will prepare the healthy food together with you during this week. You will have possibilities to help practical to the community too. We have scheduled daily meetings with people in the community who are also making a contribution to the community and they will teach you what they are doing themselves.

You will have possibility to experience during this Experience week those mentioned and other interesting activities and feel you more calm, healthier, harmony, in a relation with the nature, in a surrounding by amassing people.

Possible Experience week dates in 2023:

in June: 05-09, 12-16, 19-23, 26-30

in July.: 03-07, 10-14, 17-21

in August.: 31-04, 07-11, 14-18, 21-25

in September.: 04-08, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29

The community reserves the right to change the scheduled dates for those who have registered – we will offer them other possible dates to ensure that the activities run smoothly in small groups.  The price of the course is 550eur per person. The price includes 5 days of activities, meals and 5 nights in the community. Please inquire about accommodation in brought tents separately before check-in.

To inquire about the course and to register, please contact us by

e-mail: loretavaluckiene@gmail.com or phone + 37068274999.

Schedule of Experience week PDF
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.00-10.00 Daily activities: exercise, mantras, preparation of common breakfast, breakfast
10.00–11.00 Get aquainted, introduction of community Basics of astrology (or Living astrology) Day of sylence, bonfire Production of distillates Preparation of Erasmus+ projects, (or introduction of community projects)
11.00–12.00 Basics of breathing, consious breathing session Secrets of minerals Games for the soul Degustation of etheric oils/Own perfume creation/Distillation demonstration
12.00–15.00 Preparation of common launch, launch
15.00–16.00 Healthy Food Practical activities (community support) Practical activities (community support) Practical activities (community support)
16.00–17.00 Sacred geometry Psyhology of the community Counsious breathing session World of plants (trees in a different way)
17.00–20.00 Preparation of common dinner, dinner
20.00–21.00 Discussion of the day, bonfire, guest – community members experience
21.00–22.00 Movie evening Dance evening Sauna evening/Sauna evening with essential oils Breathing with mandala (or crafts of dream traps, or art activitie, or pottery activitie) Farewell